NHSWSN’s Holly Turner calling out Tory Minister on Question Time!

Why NHS Workers are fighting back!

Why NHS workers are fighting back | Morning Star (morningstaronline.co.uk)

The fight for pay justice across the health service continues! – NHS Workers Say NO!

As a nurse, I think Rishi Sunak’s plan to end the public sector pay freeze is meaningless

Check out the article in the Metro by Holly Turner: https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/28/as-a-nurse-i-think-rishis-plan-to-end-our-sectors-pay-freeze-is-meaningless-15504799/

Keep our NHS public!

Join us for our day of action as we demand emergency funding for the NHS https://sosnhs.org/events/ #SOSNHS

‘No.10 had a BYOB party because it ‘felt sorry’ for MPs? As a nurse, I’m sickened’

Great article by NHS Workers Say No activist Shannon ‘No.10 had a BYOB party because it ‘felt sorry’ for MPs?...


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GMB Union NHS Workers

Irreplaceable. Invaluable. Incalculable. Yet somehow each pay round the Tories manage to put a number on it. Often a number...

Arise: A Festival of Labour’s Left ideas

The fight of #OurNHS staff for better pay is a fight we must all be part of Hear more from...