GMB Union NHS Workers

Irreplaceable. Invaluable. Incalculable.
Yet somehow each pay round the Tories manage to put a number on it.
Often a number much lower than the increase in energy bills, less than the increase in council tax, rents and mortgages, and substantially below what they will happily award *themselves* in similar circumstances. πŸ“‰
It’s your pay claim – it should reflect what you think you’re worth.
πŸ‘ Not in clapping – the NHS is not Tinkerbell, claps will not revive it!
β˜•οΈ Not in the odd free lockdown coffee – caffeine can perk you up on break, but a latte never saved a life!
πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ Not in praise.
Superman can jump tall buildings in a single bound and fly around the sun at the speed of light for free, because he’s not real. *You are. What do you need to keep going?
But in what really makes a difference to your life – the thing that makes the real, meaningful difference to you.
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